As you enter the massage room, you will be enveloped in soaring, meditative music.  Climbing onto the heated massage table, you begin the session by taking some deep breaths, allowing relaxation to go deeper with each breath.

Taking long, deep strokes down to your lower back, up your sides, then down again, I knead out the stiffness in your spinal erectors. I then work on your shoulders and traps, gently stretching the neck muscles.

Continuing to your glutes, I knead them to release the tension from sitting or driving.  Proceeding to your legs, I work the hamstrings, calves, and do stretching to lengthen the quads and relieve the muscle stiffness.
Then:  turning you over...I work your chest, pecs, arms, and abs.  I also work the hamstrings, inner thigh, outer legs which are stressed from squats, running, bicycling or other weekend warrior activities.

I do pulls, stretches, kneading...whatever it takes to get you loosened up from the stress of your daily life.

Now, you are putty in my hands. You are in an altered state of bliss, floating semi-conscious, enjoying the comfort of pure relaxation.  

You lay there, I cover you with a warm towel.  You are  in the twilight zone. 


Are you craving good massage?

Would you like a mini-vacation?

Do you just want the world go by?

Sore from a workout?

Massage is a great healing and energy booster.

You have nothing to do but let my strong, trained, caring hands relieve all your tension.